Hey, I’m Jay Quiroz. I design and implement digital sales systems that get you maximum results with minimal effort.

After nearly a decade in the digital marketing and e-commerce space, this what I’ve learned…

You can increase your revenue without opening more stores or hiring more salespeople.

The trick is to transform your website, social media, and email marketing into a cohesive and connected system that handles the bulk of the selling for you. Think of these tools like a salesperson who works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and doesn’t need to sleep, eat or take days off. Sales happen around the clock.

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That means…

You can use the Digital Sales Success System to give you more freedom in your business. Less obligation, more elation — that’s the name of the game in my books.

Because I’m gonna take a wild guess and say you’ve been hustling long enough…
Your business is your baby, but it’s high time all your hard work started paying you dividends in more time, freedom, and scalability.

You’re ready for more breathing room and a life outside of the office. More time for family. More time for friends. More time for golf, yoga, traveling… more time for YOU. I get it.

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I work with driven, committed, and endlessly ambitious entrepreneurs — because I am one.

My journey started when I was just a kid. My dad would wake me up before sunrise to help him scrub toilets, mop floors, and clean windows (he had a janitorial business).

I watched that man beat the odds, build a business from nothing and become a self-made millionaire by age 55. His past was like a scene out of Slumdog Millionaire and his favorite saying…  “you work 23 hours a day, you sleep 1.” 

My dad was a boxer in his younger years, but he fought through life in more ways than one. Through him, I learned the value of hard work and hustle — but it was mama who showed me the power in working smart, taking time to enjoy life and always striving for balance. 

How I went from corporate 9-9’er to business owner and online entrepreneur…

After college, I went straight to corporate and learned everything there is to know about digital marketing. After years of binge-listening to all my favorite marketing podcasts during my 4-hour commute, I realized it was time to take my skills and serve the people who need them most.

What really lights me up is helping experienced business owners shift their perspective and experience those pivotal AHA moments when they realize they can add a heck of a lot to their bottom line without having to hustle harder. After watching my dad struggle and push himself for my entire childhood, I dedicated myself to finding a better way.

I became obsessed with developing systems that allow you to run your business without running yourself ragged. Helping business owners work smarter so they can live fulfilling lives without sacrificing results is my jam.

Want to learn how I helped Shoe Palace boost their revenue by 48.5% without adding more to their overhead, team, or schedule?

Sure, you want to grow your revenue — but you don’t want growth to consume any more of your life. The good news is it doesn’t have to. We can automate anywhere from 80-99% of your online sales system. Plus, we take care of the upkeep.

If you’re wondering who the heck I am beyond digital marketer dude extraordinaire…

Here are 6 random facts about me:

I’m a musician.

I once won the Unsigned at 9 contest 2-weeks in a row. Just waiting for that Grammy 😉

I believe growth happens outside of your comfort zone.

That’s why I’m always pushing myself to try new things, experiment, and push the boundaries of possibility.

My dad is my greatest business mentor.

He came to the U.S. from Mexico at 40, leaving behind his successful insurance brokerage company. He got fired from his first job in the States because he was “too old” and went on to start a janitorial company that made him a millionaire within 15 years.

His motto (and mine) is “Your work is your signature. You want someone to see your work and ask; who did this?”

In the 3rd grade, my dad dropped out of school and stepped into the “man of the house” role after his abusive father split the scene. He fought every step of the way to create to success and stability so that his kids wouldn’t have to. That’s why today — I’m committed to helping businesses create success without the struggle.

My other greatest inspiration?

My hard-working, fun-loving mom who to this day works 6-7 days a week, helps with her grandkids and still manages to live life to the fullest.

This woman taught me the importance of integrity, authenticity, and complete transparency. Say what you mean and mean what you say is a way of life for her. Amidst all her hard work, mom always finds time to have fun and spend quality time with the people who matter most — her family.
When my parents first moved to the States, they had no money. It was Thanksgiving and the best they could put on the table was rice and beans.

When a kind stranger recommends my mom go to the food bank, she politely declined. In her mind, taking anything for free just wasn’t how life worked. The night before Thanksgiving, she opened the door to find a bag full of ingredients for a feast. Since that day, my mom vowed to always cook Thanksgiving dinner and invite anyone and everyone to join. Every year we host between 50-80 hungry friends, family, and strangers. One day I’ll take over this tradition (please send help when that day comes!)

Don’t underestimate balance

If I could have a billboard with anything on it, it would say “don’t underestimate balance.” Success counts for nothing if you’re sacrificing peace. The thing is, why work hard doing things outside your zone of genius when you don’t have to? I’m all about sticking with what’s essential and leveraging what’s making the biggest impact so that you can live your life without checking your email every 20 minutes.

Self-proclaimed stand-up comedy snob

I’m a self-proclaimed stand-up comedy snob. I love to laugh and I wholeheartedly believe you can keep things real and have fun without sacrificing results.

When we work together, I don’t call you my client — I call you my partner.

My team and I take a collaborative approach because we know that when we work together, everyone wins. 

We’re committed to your success and don’t believe in cookie cutter strategies. Your business is unique, and you deserve a digital sales strategy and system to match. 

Most agencies treat their clients like a number or a means to an end. When you work with my team, you get treated like family…  not the cliche, warm and fuzzy kind of family (alright, maybe sometimes) but the type of family that truly cares, that tells you the truth, and that says and does what’s necessary even when it’s hard. 

We partner with you for the long haul and hold your hand every step of the way. Every little detail when it comes to your online presence and sales strategy will be taken care of. 

Why? Because you’re a visionary entrepreneur that doesn’t have time to waste. When given the choice between valet parking and searching for a spot for the next 20 minutes, you always choose the path of least resistance. 

I’m betting you were ready to start making money online a long time ago — but you’ve heard the old proverb… 

The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, the second best time is today.” 

Ready to see what the future holds for your business?

Wait a second while I grab my magic 8-ball…

In all seriousness, right beneath your fingertips is the opportunity of a lifetime. Out of all sales, eCommerce makes up about 14.3% in the US alone.

Does that tell you what it tells me?

That just 14% of the digital sales real estate is occupied, and the rest? It could be yours to claim. The best part? Selling online doesn’t have any of the traditional setbacks and overhead of brick and mortar.

A profitable online presence is possible if you build it with a big picture strategy in mind and partner with a qualified expert.

You’ve been reading how-to articles, watching YouTube videos, and listening to podcasts. You’ve tried some stuff already, but it hasn’t really moved the needle on your biggest KPI — sales.

The truth is, a profitable store requires more than just a website and a weekly Facebook post.

Selling your products online and profiting requires a smart system that attracts shoppers to your store on autopilot, helps them find the right products and checkout easily, and brings them back over and over again. I’ll be 100% honest. It’s not easy. It requires experience.

“But I’m not good at this online stuff.” You don’t have to be. You don’t have to do it alone. We’re here to design, execute, and manage your selling system for you.

How much longer are you willing to sit on the sidelines and watch your competitors rake in millions (maybe more) in additional revenue because they’ve got a handle on their digital sales strategy?

Jay, I’m ready to create a profitable online presence

Let’s do this!

To get started, apply for your complimentary strategy session with our team.


“I got action items with specific dates, and before this, I had no direction. I didn’t know where to start and now the plan is sitting right here in front of me. ”

“Thank you so much for all of your help! I was truly stuck with having an idea but not knowing how to properly execute it until you helped provide guidance and direction. I’m beyond grateful for that.”

Rich Rodriguez, Healthy Fit Bootcamp


“Online business has been making a difference in the short term and long term of my life.”

“The connections I’m making on Social Media are critical. And a lot of it started with the coaching you provided, Jose, whether it was solicited or not haha”

Paul Lopez

“Jay’s easy-going, friendly, smart, hard-working. For me, yeah, you could talk a good game, but are you actually doing it yourself? One thing is talking, but actually showing it and proving it and showing your people that this is what it takes, that's more important to me and that's exactly what he does.

Jay understands the importance of ROI. He gets how I think, because, at the end of the day, it’s all about return. I can’t spend a dollar and get a $1.10. I need to spend a dollar and get $10, Jay gets that and makes it happen.”

– CFO of Shoe Palace
Shoe Palace California

Hey, I’m Jay Quiroz. I design and implement digital sales systems that get you maximum results with minimal effort.

© 2020 Jay Quiroz



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