Strategy Sessions

Investment: $500/p.s.

What You Get:

  • A firm understanding of the online world and how you can leverage online channels for your business.
  •  How to create or generate revenue for your business using online marketing strategies and tactics.
  •  An analysis of your current business and marketing efforts to see what’s working, what isn’t, what’s missing, and what could be optimized.
Who is this for?
Tech savvy business owners who are looking for revenue growth online and want to implement strategies themselves.


Investment: $5,000

What You Get:

  • A complete analysis of your current business and marketing efforts to see what’s working, what isn’t, what’s missing, and what could be optimized. Then we’ll design a selling plan that’s custom-tailored to your business.
  •  Personal guidance to guarantee results, results such as; increased online revenue, decreased marketing spend, and increased online leads.
Who is this for?
Businesses with a dedicated team that can use personal guidance to improve their online efforts.


(agency work)


What You Get:

  • A hands-off digital sales system that generates more transactions, creates more consistent cash flow and increases customer lifetime value. The best part is it’s 80-99% automated.
  • A truly customized cohesive and connected sales system made of social media marketing, search engine strategies, and digital ads to increase online revenue for your business.
Who is this for?
Businesses who want to partner with a competent professional with a proven track record. Someone they can connect to as a competent fellow leader and visionary, not someone who’s the hand they have to hold every step of the way.

If there were a tried and true system that could increase your revenue by 48% (like one of my awesome clients)
… without hiring more salespeople, opening up new locations, or adding more to-do’s to your schedule…

Would you finally feel confident investing in a fully customized digital sales system for your business?

I get it. Change is scary. Especially when it comes to the business you’ve spent years (maybe even decades) building from the ground up.
You’re not sure a digital sales system will pay dividends and you’re all about ROI and only spending time, money, and energy when you’re sure there’s a reward on the other side.

I can’t tell you how common these objections are. I also can’t tell you exactly how BIG of an impact a digital sales system will have on your unique business.

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What I can tell you is this:

If you’re not leveraging online marketing strategies to boost your bottom line, you’re missing out on a piece of the $2.7 trillion dollar eCommerce pie (<== that was in 2017 alone).

Worried you’re too late to the party?

Don’t be. The eCommerce industry is predicted to grow to $4.5 trillion in annual sales by 2021.

The craziest part?

While eCommerce is growing 23% year-over-year — 46% of American small businesses don’t even have a website.

There’s a whole lot of money, impact, and freedom being left on the table. That’s where my team and I come in…


WHY your online sales are either non-existent or less than stellar…

Maybe you set up a website, started an Instagram account, and consistently post pictures of your products and promote your offers on Facebook.

Maybe you’re doing all the online marketing stuff you’re supposed to do.

But you’re left wondering why all this effort isn’t moving the needle on your most important KPI — online sales?

You know something’s broken, and you’ve been looking for answers. But it’s been hard finding something useful — anything useful — buried in all the tech talk, funnel frustrations, and the thousand of tactics everyone says you should be using.

Here’s the problem…

Right now all those tools and tactics you’re using and researching are disconnected — disconnected from your overall business strategy, disconnected from your most important KPIs, and disconnected from each other.

The secret to building a profitable online store isn’t a bunch of fragmented marketing tactics. It’s a cohesive and connected selling system.

Hi, I’m Jay Quiroz —  I design online sales strategies that get you maximum sales with minimal effort. By leveraging the right tools and marketing strategies, we can design a selling system customized for your business that attracts shoppers to your store on autopilot, helps them find the right products and checkout easily, and brings them back over and over again. It’s called the Digital Sales Success System

With over a decade of experience in digital marketing, my team and I are here to help you navigate the marketing mumbo jumbo and create an effective online sales system that takes your online presence from problematic to profitable. 

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Introducing the Digital Sales Success System…

The scalable, mostly automated digital selling system for brick-and-mortar retailers and service providers who want to partner with a team of experts to finally implement an impactful and scalable sales system. We’ll be there for you every step of the way and breaking down complex ideas into simplified strategies is our specialty.

This hands-off digital sales system generates more transactions, creates more consistent cash flow, and increases customer lifetime value. The best part is it’s 80-99% automated. (Don’t worry, we’ll handle the minimal manual upkeep.)

Here’s how it works:

Phase 1: Map the shortest path to profit

To map the shortest path to profit, we first have to understand where you’re at right now. Our team will do a complete analysis of your current business and marketing efforts to see what’s working, what isn’t, what’s missing, and what could be optimized. Then we’ll design a selling system that’s custom tailored to your business. 

Phase 2: Attract more ideal buyers to your website

If online shoppers can’t find you, you website might as well not exist. We’ll design the right mix of social media posting, search engine keywords, and digital ads to send more shoppers to your online store.

We’ll use: 

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Paid Traffic Strategies
  • And more…

Phase 3: Turn website traffic into leads and sales

Once visitors are on your site, we have to make finding and purchasing your products and services easy peasy. If you have a website already, we’ll optimize it for the best shopping experience. If you don’t, we’ll create a new site designed to generate leads and sales while you sleep, go on vacations, and enjoy some well-deserved downtime.  

We’ll use:

  • Natural Customer Experience Principles (UX Design)
  • Google Ready Technology aka. SEO Optimization 
  • Professional Copywriting and Sales Psychology Principles 
  • And more…

Phase 4: Bring buyers back over and over again

Repeat purchases are key to boosting customer lifetime value and putting more consistency into your cash flows. How do you keep your stuff on shoppers’ minds? Emails! We design, setup, and manage email marketing campaigns that keep shoppers coming back for more. 

We’ll use:

  • Email List Growth Strategies and Campaign Management
  • Social Media Contests and Promos
  • The Latest Organic and Paid Advertising Strategies to Add Ongoing Fuel to Your Sales Engine
  • And more…

“We just implemented text message marketing and made a little under a million in sales in 3 months with Jay’s help.”

“Jay does phenomenal work. He’s very in tune with what he does. He’s consistently pushing himself and constantly learning. He really takes pride in what he does. He’s impacted our business tremendously. Before Jay, we weren’t able to reach our goals with the eCommerce side of our business, we couldn’t find the right people who understood our vision. Jay understood. He brought skills and knowledge to the table that enhanced our vision. Now we’re seeing some really good benefits from the last couple of years that he’s been with us. It’s been really exciting times.”

– CFO of Shoe Palace
Shoe Palace California

“We’ve seen a month to month growth”

“Jay’s team has given us more confidence in how to strategically use our Facebook and Instagram accounts. We’ve seen a month to month growth in followers on both platforms. I’m really proud to say we’ve grown our email list from 60 to about 1900 as of right now”

– Sandy Huber, The Grupe Company

“Jay's taken us from old-school to new-school”

“If I had to describe his work in one word it would be innovative. He helped us transition from regular print advertisements and paid advertisement, and take advantage of social media marketing. My time is extremely limited, and when I give it to somebody, I need it to be maximized, and that’s what Jay does. I need somebody who can make things easy, that’s what he’s done.”

– Paul Lopez, Owner of Paul Lopez Property Management

The Digital Sales Success System is your key to a profitable online presence if…

You’re running a successful brick-and-mortar or service based business that’s already generating a healthy amount of sales (whether offline or online).
You believe that the key to succeeding in a constantly evolving market is to combine bricks and clicks, or in other words, to take your inventory and your message online.
You’re looking for revenue growth but you’d rather not invest in more locations, expensive and ineffective traditional advertising, a bigger team, or a busier schedule.
You recognize true transformation takes time and you’re ready and willing to commit.
You’re ready to take back your time, enjoy life, and be present for your friends and family.

“That’s me!”

If that sounds like you, let’s chat.

FAQs and Answers:

Q: Who is this for and how do I know you can get results for my business?

We work with brick and mortar retailers, service providers, and already existing online businesses looking to optimize their online sales. Our level of specialization and unique expertise allows us to craft a customized sales strategy for the companies we partner with.

Here are some of the industries we specialize in: 

  • Travel and Tourism: exotic rentals, leisure travel, resorts, hotels, tourist activities (swimming with dolphins, zip lining, unique experiences)
  • Creative Services: photographers, videographers, artist, design (fashion, interior design, sound design), commercial art 
  • Fitness: personal trainers, gyms, boot camps, physical therapy, fitness apparel/shoes, fitness models, nutritionist, alternative fitness sports (yoga etc.)
  • Outdoor Recreation: camping, backpacking, hiking, swimming, outdoor sports 
  • Health: mental health, organic products, meditation
  • Entertainment: music, comedy, speakers, entertainers
  • Real Estate: commercial and residential

There’s no cookie cutter approach in sight when you work with us and we only used tried, true, and tested strategies to help you grow. 

Where most business owners run into trouble is when they try to cobble together a strategy that isn’t unique to them and that doesn’t take the bottom line into consideration. We cut through the noise and develop a game plan that will get you results no matter your industry.

Q: Can’t I just figure this stuff out on my own?

Sure! But it might take awhile. I’ve spent nearly a decade immersing myself in the world of digital marketing and that’s why I can get you results fast. 

If you want to take the scenic route, I wish you all the best and I’d be happy to point you to the right resources. But if you want a shortcut to digital success and you love working with the best, you’re in the right place. 

Q: I’ve hired people in the past to help with my digital sales and it hasn’t worked out, how are you different?

A lot of consultants, freelancers, and online service providers specialize in one key area. There aren’t many agencies that offer a fully customized digital sales strategy along with implementation and support every step of the way. That’s because it limits scalability. 

I guess I’m weird because I’m more interested in quality over quantity. That’s why I only partner with a select number of businesses every year and dedicate myself to getting the results, no matter what it takes.

Q: I’m admittedly not tech savvy at all. When I’ve researched online strategies in the past I’ve walked away feeling more confused than ever. Is working with you really hands off on my part?

Not only is it hands off (we literally take care of everything), we’re also happy to break down complex digital strategies and translate them in ways you’ll understand. 

Most of the businesses we partner with aren’t fluent in tech talk, so we’ve gotten really good at communicating the who, what, where, when, and why of your unique online sales strategy without making you feel inadequate or lost. 

This isn’t just about sales, is it? It’s about freedom too… 

Freedom to take a few days off and head to your vacation home for some family time. Freedom to invest your time in new ventures that light you up and ignite your inner drive to never stop learning. 

Freedom to try new things in life and business, push the boundaries of possibility, and reap the rewards that stepping out of your comfort zone always give. Yep, you’re ready to have financial power and personal freedom to live the lifestyle you’ve been working so hard for all these years. 

The common characteristic I see with every business owner I partner with is commitment. You’ve sat through storms and waded through calm waters — whatever comes your way, you stick it out.  You’ve sacrificed a lot to get here, always with the idea of a “stress free someday” looming over the horizon. When we work together, my number one goal is to make your life easier and more enjoyable while consistently increasing your bottom line at the same time. 

Don’t you deserve the space to live the life you’ve been working so hard for? 

Shouldn’t it be possible to grow your business without sacrificing more of yourself in the process? Yes. And yes. The Digital Sales Success System is 80-99% automated, and we take care of the minimal upkeep, so you can get your life back.

Ready to stop standing on the digital sales sidelines and suspend your disbelief long enough to start seeing champagne worthy revenue reports – all without you having to work harder?

Apply below for your complimentary strategy session and let’s get started.

Hey, I’m Jay Quiroz. I design and implement digital sales systems that get you maximum results with minimal effort.

© 2020 Jay Quiroz



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